Pension Fraisier Guest rooms

Guest rooms

Guide to another world of peace apart from everyday life

Facility Information


Please rest your good night's sleep in a warm futon.


< Massage chair>

You can loosen the body with a massage chair while listening to music and spacious.


< Dining room>

You can see the scenery of Italy painted by Haruro Takananami.

Warm heart is warm Fraisier’s Marble bath

It is a luxurious marble bath. you stretch out a foot relaxedly in the bath. There is no cool feeling, the temperature of hot water is uniform. You can listen to your favorite CD or MD in the bath. Please enjoy the peaceful time you can experience only here.


Spring detail

Spring quality Sodium, calcium, chloride hot spring
Indication Neuralgia / joint pain / stiff shoulders / motor paralysis / tightening of the muscle / bruises / sprains / chronic digestive conditions / poor circulatiorn / recovery from fatigue / convalescence / promotion of health / cuts / burns / chronic skin disease / weak constitution / chronic woman’s illness

Private hot spring <Manryounoyu>

The image that money overflows as for the bubble that the hinokibath. This powerful foam becomes a massage effect, and heals even more tiredness.

This luxurious bath can take a bath for 24 hours. You can use it by private bath for each room. You can see Mt. Bandai in the daytime. The morning bath where the morning sun enters is particularly recommended.

This bath uses the most expensive grain of Kiso Hinoki. The stone stuck around is a genuine natural stone. Please enjoy this nature and technique.


Player Kenwood KPー9010
Cartridge Audio-technica ATー33E
Amplifier Onkyo HーIE
Attenuator Marantz SL-1FN
Power Amplifier Technics Aー7000
DVD player Pioneer DV-S5
Speaker Yamaha NSー600

Pension owner : Toshihiko Shigemoto

1964 December 5, was born My hobby is skiing, Snowboarding, Scuba diving,fishing, Audio amateur radio,computer, Watching movies,take picters, Make dessert, Walking eat, Ride a boat,Italia wine collector, study of Italian Now I’m study Italian and Itarian food. From June to July, I go diving for Okinawa.


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